Evil Within 2

Friday the thirteenth was good to us this year. As a superstitious person I look for ideal ways to not be out on this day and luckily for me The Evil Within 2 was there to answer the prayers. So to speak. Most of the same characters from the original make an appearance, even some of the villainous creatures.

Our poor sorry sap Sebastian is once again back into a mess caused by Mobius. They’ve developed a new Stem system, like what was used for Beacon in the original. This idea went just as well as the first. However this time Kidman is on the winning side, even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Teaming up with Myra and a handful of new characters to save Lily from being used as the Core.

The game does follow the same principles as the first. Finding ammo, health, and a newly introduced radar. The radar makes it easier to find said items, plus could offer a cut scene. Throughout the game Sebastian takes a lot of damage. Being hit by creatures or just by falling off of stuff. At one point he falls into a giant hole in the ground. I don’t know how he makes it, but he must be immune with everything life’s thrown at him.

In my opinion there are three main boss battles. The first encountered is Stephano Valentini, a serial killer who snuck his way into Union. His character is extremely creepy, but in a good Halloween vibes type of way. After murdering poor operatives who got in his way, he dismembers them in the name of art. With his always present camera he takes pictures of his accomplishments to both tease and draw Sebastian to him.

Then there is Father Theodore Wallace, who was once part of the team put together to help rescue Lily. Union changed him, causing the plan to misdirect. Instead of helping Lily he chooses to keep her for himself and use her power to keep control over Union. Getting in his way only causes said person to transform into a creature of the world after agreeing to help him with the plan. Disagreeing causes death, or it did for everyone who isn’t as stubborn as Sebastian Castellanos.

The final fight is with Myra, or we’ll the Union version of her that is determined to keep Lily by her side. Once the battles complete her body dissolves in on itself. Leaving a giant puddle of Myra. Sebastian is upset for having to do what he did. As he heads towards the house he sees a arm out of the goo. His wife has control over her emotions now and fills him in on the plan. That Lily was to be taken out of Stem and that Myra was going to become the Core of Union. Destroy it from the inside out.

Overall I was rather impressed with how the game turned out. Even though it didn’t take very long to beat, there are many factors to make you want to do another play through. If you’re a fan of the series this game needs to be added to your play list.


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