FFXV Monsters of the deep

Ever since the disappointing announcement that the 75% of the upcoming dlc has been cancelled I’ve been exploring the world again. The one thing i will say about that announcement is I’m personally thrilled episode Ardyn is still a thing. Along with anime and a upgraded comrades. Not all is lost.

Currently my nose has been stuck in the currently released dlc and monsters of the deep.  The VR part is so much fun. I don’t know why I waited so long to play it the way it needed.  Currently stuck on the last round because it is scary and hard, but the game is so pretty. Being able to make your own character, the chance to meet the heroes, and just to relax and fish is enjoyable. However my favorite part is being able to take a page out of Promtos book and take pictures. I may or may not have stalked the guys during their stages and taken a ton of pictures. Definitely worth the buy if you have a VR.


Little Dragons Cafe

Let’s start off by talking about one of the cutest games I’ve played. Been playing this since launch date and it even accompanied on a recent vacation. There’s something about lounging next to the pool, sipping on a Bloody Mary, and making food for my very own dragon. Of course I’m talking about Little Dragons Cafe by Aksys Games.

I’ve personally never played a Harvest Moon game, so I came into this fresh. The story starts off with a family running a little inn and cafe business. The mother gets sick and the children take over and make friends along the way. I never expected to love this game as much as I do.

There’s just something relaxing about hunting down ingredients and making new menu recipes for the cafe. One of my favorite things is the ability to change the dragons color based on what food it’s given. Mine is currently purple and I could be happier.

Stardew Valley

I know this isn’t exactly a new game, but once it was released for the Nintendo Switch I bought it and pretty much forgot about it until recently. I’m not very far in but it’s relaxing to just sit down and enjoy a game like this. Where you can basically do whatever you’d like during the day. Want to go fishing? Let’s go fishing. Want to fight some gooey monsters? They got that too.

This game was a little slow going for me. Played through the first and second seasons before looking up cheat codes to make it easier. Once the animals were added to it, for me, it became so much more enjoyable. This is definitely a game to check out if you’re looking for a slow going game to relax with.

Detroit: Become Human

I just finished the demo for this beautiful game and let me just say I can not wait for the release. If you loved Heavy Rain this game is for you. Quantic Dream has done it again. The gameplay, the way the characters are viewed, and even the way the story can unfold differently based on choices is here for us to explore. The demo wasn’t very long, but for the impression it’s left it didn’t need to be. Maybe I’m biased because of my love for Heavy Rain, but time will tell.


I’ve been struggling with life issues for awhile now. It’s taken a toll on everything I used to enjoy doing. Even playing video games which was my favorite pastime. Every game I’ve tried playing recently I’ve not been able to concentrate on it long enough to get a feeling for the story or even the characters. Hopefully soon I’ll get out of my slump and able to get back to gaming and writing about it.


Outlast is very reminiscent of a game called Amnesia. It’s a scary survival game set in an abandoned psychiatric hospital called Mount Massive Asylum. The main character, Miles Upshur, is a journalist who’s intrigued to explore the asylum after received an alarming communication from a former employee.

This game is mainly a run and hide type situation, which to be honest annoyed me while playing because everyone can defend themselves a little, but personal feelings aside the goal was to expose what took place in this asylum. Which quickly turns into needing to escape. The tone of the game is made scarier by only being able to see in the dark is by using a camcorder with night vision. Downside is it runs on batteries that love to run out at the most inopportune times.

Everything that caused this institution to become abandoned was preventable had they not experimented on the patients. Billy, the main patient used for experimental procedures was locked inside a machine deep underneath building, and the way I take it is he is the Walrider.

The ending of this game still makes me upset. After everything he goes through, he’s gunned down by the military. Which was a good precaution on their part since he was being possessed by the Walrider. After he is gunned down, the screen goes dark, making me think the Walrider took out every living being in that Asylum.

Episode Gladiolus

Episode Gladio is one of Final Fantasy 15’s DLC. The first one released, but I don’t believe it matters what order they’re played in if you waited like I did. In this chapter Square Enix shows us what happened to our favorite big guy when he stormed off towards the middle of the game. He felt unsure of his abilities to carry out his duty for Noctis and contacted Cor for help. This dlc also flushes our Cor’s backstory, how he defeated the trials when he was younger then Gladiolus is now, and takes him to the area.

The fighting style isn’t the same as Noct in the original game, which I find enjoyable. Every character fights differently in general and it’s proof how detail oriented Square Enix is to its characters and storylines.

The bosses encountered aren’t necessarily difficult until the final one. Which gives closure for Gladio and the knowledge he can follow through with his duties.

This dlc takes maybe and hour out and hours and a half to finish, but there is extras that allow for replay. If your a fan of FFXV and our big guy, definitely give this a chance.

FFXV: Episode Ignis

The newest downloadable content for Square Enix Final Fantasy XV is titled Episode Ignis. Now, if you’re a fan of the ever stoic cook, you’re in for a thrill and tears. In the game during a battle Ignis loses his sight. Until now we were left craving answers as to what had caused this. This DLC is my personal favorite for many reasons. Firstly we get backstory, and secondly we get an unlikely duo.

Taking place during one of the last chapters of the game when Noctis is trying to gain favor with the Leviathan while Lunafreya is being hunted by Ardyn.

Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto are tasked with evacuating the city. Ignis becomes separated from the trio, but filled with worry over Noctis safety, leaves the evacuation to be handled by the others. Along the way he teams up with Ravus, Lunafreyas brother, in a bid to get to the couple.

They arrive to find Lunafreya dying, given the last of her strength to keep Noctis alive. Filled with hatred over what has happened to his sister, he blames Noctis. Ultimately attacking him, only to be stopped by Ignis. Gladio arrives, but it’s actually Ardyn in disguise. Ravus figures this out and protects both Noct and Ignis from him. Only to be knocked with magic and held by Ardyns men. Ignis is given two choices, join him or be killed. Obviously he refuses and this is where the tears will happen.

Seeing the ring of the Lucii, Ignis puts it on to gain the power to defeat Ardyn, but the price of doing so is his vision.

There are two different endings to this DLC. The first, which I think is meant to follow along with the original sorry. Is the first one available. After putting on the ring and defeating Ardyn, Ignis is found after the battle by Gladio. The next cut scene shows him watching over Noct, asking him to stop the journey, but following whatever Noctis’ decision is.

The next ending is my absolute favorite. So many feelings for this characterization and story. It’s follows the same path, but once Ardyn gives the options this time it allows the choice to ‘play along’. This option takes Ignis to the imperial bases. Giving the option to explore and to gain more backstory on Ardyn. Ignis wears the ring in this ending as well, but here the ring gives options. Give up or sacrifice himself. Either give up or losing to Ardyn in the battle causes Ignis to die, but not after leaving he was brought here as bait for Noctis. His dying words are, “I don’t want to die without him.”

Sad I know, but the real ending as I’ll call it because I love it so much is the one where he must agree to sacrifice himself to the ring. Here it takes complete control over his body, turning his eyes and skin with the power he’s holding. After the battle, and the power of the ring has left him, Ignis is weak and on the brink of death.

Noctis and the others arrive to see their friend laying hurt on the ground. Noctis yell at the crystal to undo what has been done because his friend wanted to protect him. All the marks on Ignis fade away, and Noctis goes to the crystal. Following the main storyline he once again goes into the crystal for ten years. Except when he exits, Ignis isn’t blind, Ravus hasn’t died, and he is left to be the king they all knew he would be.

The fighting style of Ignis is my favorite out of the three companions. Making this dlc even more enjoyable. However, it’s not very long but it does have replayable value. Just for the story or for collecting all the trophies.

Final Fantasy XV

One of the main things I’ve taken away from Final Fantasy XV is that I now adore Florence and the Machine and the song Stay with me. Square Enix did it again. This game is written amazingly and proves just how important friendship is. Though out the game our “chocobros” as they’re loving called on the Internet, are pushed and pulled in many different directions.

We first meet Noctis as he’s being sent to marry his childhood friend Lunafreya, as part of a peace treaty. Along with his comrades Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto their about to go on the adventure of their lives. Of course nothing goes as planned and right off the bat they run out of gas. Leaving them to push the car all the way to Hammerhead. Here we get to meet Cindy who’s the granddaughter of Cid from Final Fantasy 7.

Shortly after they become aware of the attack on Insomnia and that King Regis has perished. Not only that, but both Noctis and Lunafreya have been announced dead starting the downward spiral. Ardyn, was someone never to be trusted. Not fully anyhow. Which becomes very clear towards the end of the game.

While Lunafreya was communicating with the Leviathan to gain its approval for Noctis, Ardyn stabs her. She dies after healing Noctis and passing the ring of Lucii to him. Giving the ability, with the help of the Titan to defeat the Leviathan and gains its favor. During the battle not only is Lunafreya lost, Ardyn shown for what he is, but the ever faithful Ignis loses his eyesight. Durning the first play through we left to imagine what happened to him, but with the DLC, Episode Ignis, what happened to him is explained. (There will be a blog dedicated to just this DLC tomorrow).

After this battle the “chocobros” seem to fall apart as a team. Gladiolus blames Noctis for what happened to Ignis and bullies him to grow up throughout the rest of the game. Ignis in his own right is coming to terms with what has happened to him. Not wanting to be left behind he tries his hardest to prove himself. That he can be his same self. One of the hardest scenes to watch personally was when he broke up a fight between Gladio and Noctis about himself. He knows he can’t keep up and asks Noctis if he wants him to continue or stay behind.

The next problem that arrises involves Ardyn yet again. On the train to their next destination, the train is attacked by imperial forces. As Noct and Prompto defend the train, every attempt at attacking Ardyn disappears. Once reappearing Noctis finds Ardyn holding Prompto at gunpoint. Charging to defend his friend he shoved Ardyn, only to see Prompto falling off the train.

Unable to stop the train, they continue on to Tenebrea. Here they learn Ravus has been executed, being blamed for the Leviathan, and that Aranea has quit the army and is helping the victims of the empire’s attacks. Once in Gralea they find Prompto, who was brought to the lab by Ardyn. Still unable to use his powers, the group finds the machine blocking the usage and gets it deactivated. Which causes them to be attacked by a demonic Ravus who begs to be killed. The crystal that can stop the demons is within sight, Noctis gets absorbed inside while learning the true name of Ardyn. Ardyn Lucis Caelum. He is Noctis’s ancestor who was to become the king, but was rejected. Causing his hate for the line of royalty.

Noctis awakens from the crystal ten years later. His group of friends having moved on with their lives in order to help others with the ever long darkness. The group is rarely seen together nowadays, each doing what they can to get by. Ignis never did regain his sight, but he is able to get around without his walking stick, to cook, and even go on hunting missions alone. Prompto hunts, but mostly torments Cindy when she around. Gladio is still Gladio. Always hunting, but this time his little sister accompanies him.

The final fight is hard, but very enjoyable with plot and storyline. Not to give away the whole plot but the ending can be taken two different ways. With Episode Ignis being available, but for now the true ending is more devastating. In order to stop the darkness and ultimately defeat Ardyn, Noctis knows he has to give up his life to do so. Leaving Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus to stop the demons from following him to the throne he makes his way to where to belongs. The kings of old appear to give him their “blessing” causing the death of the true king. Once inside the afterlife Noctis once and for all stops Ardyns reign of terror. With the other spirits who show up during the battle, were lead to believe that the other three perished as well. They, along with Lunafreya, show to give Noctis support.

The final scene shows newly wed Luna and Noct on the throne. Each in their wedding apparel as soul crystals glitter the air.

All in all I loved this game so much. Definitely got emotionally invested, but the parts that got me the most, other then the ending. Was when Ignis lost his sight. If you’ve not played this or the DLC, you’re missing out on a great experience.


I know it’s early for this, but my emotional state hasn’t been exactly stellar lately so I figure why not think of something that may help. Watching YouTube videos of people talking about or just simply playing video games is something i enjoy listening to while I’m working on crafts. One day I’d love to have the courage to make a video or two. So that will be my resolution for the new year. Once a week at the least I’d like to post some videos about games. My personality isn’t that out going. Which is one of the reasons I’m so nervous to even attempt this, but hey, might as well work towards something that could help me grow as a person.